Haunted by Les Nessman

ImageI admit it. I’m one of those.  I build walls and compartmentalize.  Here I am in a MOOC with all of these open, free, thoughtful, experimental people who are blogging, tweeting, etc about any number of subjects.  Here I sit, painfully eking out my second blog.  I have watched and even participated in the BB sessions, commented on others’ blogs (a bit) and learned, learned, learned!

When I started this process I thought I would pick up some interesting information on technology.  Ahem. I had absolutely no idea what I was getting into.  Despite often feeling like a complete rookie, I am absolutely and surprisingly (to myself) OK with this. 

My journey, I suspect, will not be about technology, it will be about building up a PLE and a PLN.  Yes, obviously technology is involved, but it is my mindset that is changing. Scary, but cool. 

I hope to banish good ol’ Les and his rules and restricted areas for good.  Thanks for sharing the journey with me.


2 thoughts on “Haunted by Les Nessman

  1. Hi there! It’s great to join you on this journey! It’s interesting that you frame your learning in terms of “what” your goal is (building a PLN) instead of the “how” of technological tools. It seems to me that turning the “how” into “what” is a key challenge of an educational technologist – to put technology in the classroom invisibly and seamlessly.


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