Being a Contributor

I’m finding that whatever I have the enthusiasm to contribute is accepted so readily among my ever expanding PLN.  I am finding the joy in contributing my support, my alternate opinion, my questions and my heart.  So what will I contribute to ETMOOC? As much as I can.

I was in an interesting place yesterday.  For two weeks I havebeen on a very steep learning curve.  Yes, becoming familiar with how to integrate many of the tools I have already used and learning new ones has been exciting and at times daunting, but the real learning has been about integrated my private, strictly professional (ie my job) and broadly professional selves into one online presence.  So yesterday I was giving a workshop on using Michelle Winner’s Superflex Program within schools and in regular classrooms as well as a sharing session on using the iPad for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders.  The group saw me as technologically way ahead of them and were every uncomfortable when I couldn’t or wouldn’t give specific, recipe-like answers to some of their questions.  So my role switched very abruptly from being mostly a taker to mostly a giver.  I am realizing that I need to and want to be both in all of my various roles.  It just works better that way.  I can ask the questions and reflect other people’s learning no matter what my role. Integration is my goal for the next few months anbeyond



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